If your third party software application is not on our list of approved interfaces below, please contact our sales department.

Point of Sale

Point of Sale interfaces enable our hotel management software to receive and post charges from the Point of Sale system located in your food and beverage outlets. Depending on the capabilities of the P.O.S. system, one or two-way communication may be configured offering a variety of inquiry and posting functions.

Available interfaces: Squirrel, Maitre’d, Micros, Aloha, POSitouch, Gamma, Right Touch, Silverware, Remanco and Pixel Point.

Call Accounting

Need call accounting software? We've got you covered. Our package includes Genesis Systems Corporation's Telephone Management Mini Series software, and our own Call Accounting Interface.

The Genesis system monitors outgoing calls, and will enable your property to apply any mixture of surcharges and mark-ups to the basic cost of the telephone call. This information is then passed to the Call Accounting interface so that charges may be applied directly to the guest account.

With our call accounting solution there is no need to buy a separate computer. The call accounting software runs in the background on any workstation that runs our hotel management software. Learn more about our call accounting solutions.

Available interfaces: Genesis, Cash, MDR, and RSI

Phone / Switch

This interface is an interactive link between your telephone switch and our hotel management system. Depending on the capabilities of the switch, the interface options can include: electronic room status updating, maid status reporting, dialing restrictions, guest name display, message indicator and wake-up call control.

Available interfaces: Avaya/Lucent, Mitel, NEC, Toshiba

Voice Mail

This interface is an interactive link between your Voice Mail System and our hotel management system. It's primary function is to automatically open or close the guests voice mail box upon check-in or check-out, in addition it will automatically transfer the guests mailbox upon room change. Depending on the capabilities of the Voice Mail System, the interface may also include 2-way text and voice message notification.

Available interfaces: Avaya/Lucent, Mitel, ActiveVoice, DuVoice

Movie / Video Guest Services

Your movie system may have the ability to allow movie, video entertainment and Internet charges to be posted automatically to the guest's account.

In addition to posting movie/video entertainment charges automatically to the guest's account (above), this interface enables the system to restrict Movie/Video Guest Services during the check-in process for guests with a method of payment considered to be cash. Further, this interface permits certain guests to view their hotel charges and complete guest checkout in the convenience of their guestroom. The Movie/Video Guest Services Interface will only permit current day's departures to checkout and only during the time periods specified in your movie system.

Available interfaces: LodgeNet, LodgeView and OnCommand

Key Lock

During guest check-in, checkout or when changing a guests departure date the Electronic Key Lock Interface will automatically prompt the front desk agent to program a key card. This interface facilitates quick and efficient check-in and eliminates programming errors that are often made when creating a key manually. Depending on the capabilities of the Key System, the interface may include: Creating additional keys, key verification, and delayed room check-out, utilized if the key card station is temporarily removed for diagnostic or lock maintenance reasons.

Available interfaces: VingCard and Miwa

Online Reservations

Our Web Reservations Interface is designed to work with AccomPro by OnRes Systems. AccomPro will deliver confirmed reservations directly into our hotel management system. The interface will run on one of your computers onsite and accept reservations directly from AccomPro in real-time. Learn more about our online reservations solution.

Available interfaces: OnRes

Energy Management

The ALC Energy Management interface sends check-in and check-out notifications to the ALC Energy Management System which activates the temperature controls in the guest rooms according to the settings in the energy management system itself.

Available interfaces: AutomatedLogic

For more information on any of our interfaces, please contact us directly at 888-655-0888 or email