Online Reservations by OnRes
InnSource Solutions has teamed with OnRes Systems to provide our clients with an online reservations solution specifically designed for accommodation providers.  AccomPro by OnRes Systems is an e-commerce web booking system that integrates seamlessly into any existing web site allowing vendors to sell their inventory live and online.

With AccomPro customers are able to check available inventory and complete a booking online making the reservation process more efficient and less time consuming to both parties. The back end inventory management system allows accommodation providers to manage and track all inventory available.

The booking system is a simple, smooth, intuitive and customizable process that encourages the conversion of a curious web site visitor into a booking with a credit card number, with confidence in room availability.

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Empower your ICS2000 Front Office™
with our OnRes Web Reservation Interface

Join the growing number of Inn Control customers who have discovered the ease of converting real-time reservations from your website to confirmed bookings directly into your ICS2000 Front Office™ system using the OnRes Web Reservation interface to AccomPro. The interface will run on one of your computers onsite and accept reservations directly from AccomPro in real-time. A one time interface fee of $499.00 is all you pay. That’s all it takes to upgrade your web site to professional functionality, reduce your work load and cost of corresponding endlessly to gain confirmed reservations. Not to mention that you are simultaneously avoiding the risk of human error since each reservation is automatically delivered into ICS2000™ indicating your web site as source of business.

How to get started
Simply contact InnSource Solutions at 888-655-0888 or email Sales Department

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